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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Ahoy Landlubbers! Get Your Sea Legs and Join The Gaslight Theatre for The Curse of the Pirate's Gold

Ahoy Landlubbers!
 Get Your Sea Legs and Join The Gaslight Theatre for 
The Curse of the Pirate's Gold 
We love The Gaslight Theatre Tucson. We were invited to see this show and share our thoughts on this post. All photos are from www.arizonafamilies.blogspot.com

Ahoy! The Curse of the Pirate's Gold is the current melodrama at the local Tucson landmark Gaslight Theatre on the Eastside. 

We enjoy every moment of our visit to see the shows EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!

The Gaslight experience will have you feeling all kinds of emotions!

Feeling hungry? Then, get satisfied! We love to order appetizers and desserts- especially during an afternoon performance. Don't forget to order some grub and spirits.
Feeling like getting down? The music from both the band and the actors will help you have a swashbuckling good time.
Shiver me timbers! You will feel surprised at the crazy cool sets, silly antics, and remakes of some favorite songs!
Feeling a bit concerned that the side you are rooting for (the good guys or the bad guys) will not triumph? Another emotion to be prepared for.

Feeling a bit romantic? Ye fair heart will flutter. Gaslight has this covered too!
Maybe feeling a bit apprehensive of the advances of an admirer instead? Those emotions may hit close to home.

Angry? ready to take down your enemies? Gaslight actors will help you clear the deck~all acted upon on stage in a safe environment- *No actors were harmed during this production.
Can you wait patiently?
Get your sea legs ready and stay the course.
You may even feel devastated at times but remember dead men tell no tales.
On this emotional roller coaster, you may feel relieved that the pirates follow the code of conduct and nobody appears to end up in Davey Jones' locker.
Avast! Feeling triumphant?

Maybe sheer admiration for a matey- all projected on stage!
Ready to taste victory?!
Wait? Who was victorious? In due course, you will find out.

The Gaslight Theatre always comes out on top with its local talent and after you sail the high seas- the Olios will have you laughing out loud. These were one of the best Olios we have seen and one of the reasons (without a spoiler) will happen when "Cindy" joins the Bradys on stage. You cannot look away I promise ;)

You will be thankful that you brought your family to see the show - playing now through June 4- see full schedule and ticket information on the
 >>>Gaslight Theatre website <<<

Also, see what >>>>The Gaslight Music Hall in Oro Valley<<<< is showing this month.

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