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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bookman's Contest FREE tickets to Talladega Nights + MORE Bookman's awesome programs!!!!

Do you want to go to The Loft and see a free movie?  Date night?  All you have to do to enter is go HERE and comment!
Here is what Bookmans.com says, "each Tuesday of each week until we decide to quit it already, we provide 10 of our Bookmans.com readers with tickets for two to the Bookmans Late Night Cult Classic movie showing at The Loft Cinema. We want to give 10 of you pairs of tickets to see Talladega Nights."

I am just amazed how AWESOME Bookman's is!  I really LOVE LOVE LOVE Bookman's!!!!!

Here are other programs that Bookman's does that are off the Amazing-ness chart!

Teacher's Discount 20% discount off of everything!!!

Treasure Hunts for awesome prizes- I won- check out post HERE!

Kids discount program for ages 0-12 10% discount and $10 GC on bday!

Teen program 1317 for teens which I signed all of my high school students up for in the Fall-15% discount and $15 gc for b-day!

Grant location also offers 10% off for UA students with Catcard!

Each Bookman's is unique and super cool so check out your location for additional programs, events and offers!


  1. I actually one the movie thing once before, gave the tickets to my DS, entered again this week, 10pm is a little late for DH and I, so if I'm lucky, DS get's them again.

  2. I’m following you from “Good Friends Just Click” I look forward to your follow back.
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  3. Did win the tickets for my son, LOL entered twice, won twice

  4. YAY! They do this every Tuesday so that is cool that you won twice!!!


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