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Monday, June 11, 2012

Get Your Kids to "Copy Kids" Eating Fruits and Veggies!

We had the opportunity to review a DVD called "Copy Kids".  The DVD is a series of small children eating different fruits and veggies.  The segments are broken up and include things from bell peppers (eaten raw) to raspberries all over the children's  faces as they devour them,

My daughter tried a raw bell pepper after seeing the DVD, which I had never even thought to give her before...so maybe it is good for parents to "copy" as well :)
with hummus- photo (Disney Family Fun)

In addition, my daughter loves choosing which segment we are going to watch together..she just loves saying avocados or blueberries or one of the many other options.  I also think it is cute because she says it is "her movie" because it is not a shared one between her and her 6 year old brother.

Would you like to give it a shot and see if it encourages your little one to eat more healthy fruits and vegetables?  Now is your chance~ just enter the giveaway below and you will get your own copy of the DVD- "Copy Kids".


  1. My daughter loves stawberries and she loves to eat grilled peppers (yellow, orange, red and green).

  2. My girls love cucumbers even though I despise them!

  3. My daughter loves melons (unfortunately I am allergic to them!)


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