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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Desert Dwellers Flash Cards by Julie Rustad ~ #Giveaway

My kids have a 3 year age difference between them. This can often lead to problems when finding activities for them to enjoy together or as a whole family. We often play games at our house and we usually end up playing some version of a memory/matching one. This keeps my 3 year-old engaged for about half of the duration of the game time.  My 7 year-old also likes those games but likes to move around a lot and have active play.

The beautiful Alphabet Cards that we played with were fun for all of us.  They include fun facts about the local Sonoran desert creatures.  We played a family game with the cards in which everybody closed their eyes and the person whose turn it was drew a card.  This person hid the card and then acted out the animal on it.  The group guessed what they were.  It was so fun!  The picture below shows a couple of the animals the kids acted out. (You do not want to see a pic of me acting out the scorpion).  Daddy as a hummingbird was pretty amusing though. Of course, traditional use and other games can be used with these such as a nature walk to spot as many as you can :)

You can purchase the set HERE.  Right now during the Independents Week through Local First Arizona, you can take an additional 20% off on the site with the Golden Coupon - info HERE! They are created and illustrated by Julie Rustad, a local artist and mother here in Tucson and you can also enter to win a deck below. Perfect for an original gift! a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. These cards are great! My 2 year old son loves putting them in alphabetical order!

  2. Thanks Michelle! I am excited to see who the winner is :)


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