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Friday, June 13, 2014

Winner "The Job Talk" + Papa Murphy's Gift Card

Get ready for ‘The Job Talk’
New book helps parents prepare their teens
 to land that first summer job

The winner of the copy of the book and the $25 Papa Murphy's gift card is...

Exactly how does a teen do this job hunting thing, and how can parents prepare them so they don’t throw themselves to the wolves? 
In the new book The Job Talk, Darrell Doepke uses real world examples to explain the process of elimination that often happens long before a teen ever gets a face-to-face interview. 
The book shows in detail what the teen should expect during each weeding-out stage, and how to survive it. Doepke shares the process of finding and hiring new employees from a business owner’s perspective, based on decades of hiring for small businesses.
“Telling them to smile, be polite and wear nice clothes is good advice – if they actually get to the interview stage,” said Doepke, who has owned franchised businesses in the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest. “Most of them won’t get that far, and they’ll never know why.”

The Job Talk provides essential guidance for parents of first-time job hunters on such topics as:
  • Finding their  personal point of differentiation
  • Common job application mistakes
  • Cautions for social media
  • Phone and email screening techniques
  • Tattoo considerations

The book also poses 20 interview questions that any teen applicant should be prepared to answer. 

“As a parent, how can you prepare them for a process they know nothing about? And come to think of it,” Doepke asked, “do you know everything about today’s hiring process so you can best advise them?”

Buy the book now at www.jobtalkbook.com

I was given a copy of this book and the giveaway items to pass on to one of you.

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