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Friday, July 18, 2014

Planes Fire and Rescue: Clever and Action-Packed

My kids and I recently saw the Disney film, Planes Fire and Rescue.  We LOVED it.  There were definitely lots of action scenes, keeping my  4 year-old daughter's attention the entire time. The film is out now in theaters- July 18, 2014!

We are a part of a family of aviators and my dad actually used to fly the planes that dropped slurry here in Arizona. Both my father and brother fly helicopters too! When the rescue helicopter went into a tailspin, I actually held my breath and clenched my fist.  Like I said, lots of action and I really got into to it.

It also hits close to home here in Arizona. We do deal with many fires every year and knowing how dangerous they can be, it was great to see them recognized. Firefighters were mentioned at the beginning of the movie and the song at the end was a great tribute.

Although serious themes of fire and firefighting were at the forefront with lots of action of course there were the funny and clever moments throughout. Mentions about the Spruce Goose and the representation of the TSA/FAA made me laugh out loud. The character that my son liked the most was - the Native helicopter rescuer-Windlifter.  My daughter loved Dipper!
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You don't want to miss this movie. After you see it, let me know: What was your kiddo's favorite character?

I as given passes to review this movie.  All opinions are mine.

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