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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Price Match List 7/16-7/22 Eggs 99c, Grapes 97c/lb., Pink Lady Apples 98c./lb

I like price-matching on Wednesday because there are deals for Sprouts, Food City and El Super for produce not available any other day!will also price match Bashas, Fry's, Safeway and Albertson's while there.
Many of the deals are still good for the week check the dates.Walmart's policy says you do not have to have the ad with you but I printed my list to help me! Policy HERE to print or show at the store if you have any problems.
Also, they will not price match items that are sold by the pound in their store but sold per item at another store and vice versa.

El Super HERE~ just scroll down and look for "miercoles

Go to the on-line ad for Food City HERE 

Sprouts allows double ads on Wednesdays Sprouts Ads HERE 

Bashas'on-line ad here 
I didn't see anything this week for us or really amazing

Albertson's on-line ad here 



  1. Im new to price matching, I have a question. To price match produce at walmart does it have to Walmart brand or does it have to be the specific one on, pn the ad?

    1. When you price match produce at Walmart you do not need to get the same brand. For example if Fry's has strawberries on sale for 98 cents you just get whatever brand walmart has and they will price match them. Or if gala apples are on sale somewhere just get Gala apples at Walmart etc.

    2. Thank you Debbie! I suppose only if a brand name was listed and Walmart wanted to be picky if they didn't carry that brand or that size. For example, if the ad said only Driscoll's raspberries in 8oz and Walmart didn't have that they could say no per their policy but I have not seen that happen.


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