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Saturday, July 12, 2014


Sopes! These are definitely one of my favorite foods! My lovely sister-in-law makes them so so well! I am trying and you can try it too. :) 
Ingredients needed:
For the sope dough
Oil (for frying)

For the beans
Pinto beans
Oil (for frying)

For the toppings
Cheese to melt
Cotija cheese for crumbling
Shredded lettuce
Sweet salsa (tomatoes, sugar,salt, oregano and cinnamon)

Make the dough- Heat the comal (flat cooking pan)Make small corn tortillas with the dough made from the maseca.
Heat them on the comal. When they are warm take a towel in your fingers and make them into the small round and thick dough cakes. Put them aside in a bowl.
Make the beans- boil pintos and drain. Add the salt and oil in a frying pan mashing them with a mashed potato masher or other utensil.

Make the salsa - boil tomatoes and put in the blender with a pinch of sugar, salt, oregano and cinnamon to your taste.

Shred the cheese to melt.

Shred the lettuce.
Take the round dough cakes and fry them in oil in the pan.
Take then out and heat them on the comal. Place shredded cheese to melt ..any kind of cheese you would use for quesadillas. Let it melt.

Place the fried beans on the melted cheese and remove from the comal. Top with lettuce, crumbled cotija cheese and sweet salsa. 
You can also add meats...such as shredded beef/chicken if you like. I like them with beans and cheese!

Let me know if you try them :)


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