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Saturday, November 8, 2014

99c Only Store Trip 11/7/14

I stopped by my 99c Only Store on Kolb and Golf Links. I love the 99c Only Stores because not only do they have the usual finds of "dollar stores" they have produce and a refrigerated and frozen section. They also often have much more of a selection on many other things. See all the things I spotted below:) All stores may carry different items at different times. You may or may not find what I found :)

  See all the locations HERE.

$2.98 for 5 bags- My students LOVE these things and I like to get them for them I just don't let them eat them when they are working on papers - messy!!

LOVE comp books for all ages and I did see a few different Frozen themed things including these fun posters!

More comp books- could even be a cool party favor for these themes!

My Little Pony!!

I'm not quite ready bit all the stores sure are! At least here everything is mostly 99c or less!

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