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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Marvel Experience Scottsdale ~ A Review

The Marvel Experience makes its "preview" stop in Phoenix before the official premier in Dallas next month. There are many different experiences and activities inside the two domes. You will have wait time for each experience. There are some physical activities that will let the kids burn off some energy like the Spidey-wall. It is definitely not a polished act, but it has great potential once they work out the bugs! The ideas and themes were very fun.  

When I went through, the 3D part of the movies wasn't working and not all of the RFID (you get an RFID wrist band upon entering) interactions were up and running. Hopefully, these are all running smoothly now.

The premise is that you are a new S.H.I.E.LD. recruit going through training when an emergency arises and you are thrust into action to help the Avengers take on Hydra.  

You start out in a training room with several interactive activities like training with Hulk or Iron Man. Then there is a pretty cool "encounter" that projects you onto a big screen. It looks like various members of the Avengers are standing right next to you. Definitely a photo opportunity.  

You then move into a domed area where the Avengers are shown in a 360-degree action scene infiltrating a Hydra base. The climax is in the last dome where you are seated in an IMAX-like theater, but the seats in this theater move like you are In a simulator.

Overall, a fun time, but it is geared more toward the 12 and under crowd. If you have younger kids, they will love it...my son sure did.

To read more and to purchase tickets (open New Year's Eve and Day) 
See the website:http://themarvelexperiencetour.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarvelExperience

DIEGO (Guest Post)

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  1. Overall I am glad I went and my kids were glad they were taken. However I highly doubt I will return next year if it comes back to town. The cost is too high for what you receive and the lines are to long for what you are waiting for.


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