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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Robin Hood Rocks The Gaslight!

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Please see my disclosure policy HERE My family and I were invited to see the show but these are all my own opinions.

The Gaslight Theatre's current production of "The Adventures of Robin Hood" really rocks! This show is full of silly, witty lines and lots of old fashioned rock n' roll. The redone versions of songs like Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sherrif" and "Rockin Robin" were so appropriate and outrageously funny.  
Sir Robin of Locksley AKA Robin Hood played by Mike Yarema even got down playing the harmonica.

The audience was thrilled to see Little John played by Brian Hale channel his inner-Pharell with "Happy". 

My favorite was definitely "Men in Tights- tight tights!" They didn't seem to be wearing super restricting leggings and their tunics were a decent length but one of the best laugh-out-loud songs of the night.

 The costumes are fabulous!  At one point, they mention they will run right over to the Gaslight Costume Shop to get a Merryman's outfit. The jazzed up versions of stick horses are perfect.

The wooden cut-outs of Saxon England peasants are fun and silly too. Wormwood played by David Orley makes a lovely peasant lady. :)
The Evil Trifecta was fabulous as always- Heather Stricker shined in her mischievous fabulousity as The Countess. I like the bad guys often more times than the good guys- not sure what that says about me but go see the show for yourself and decide. This time, the "good guy" Robin Hood put on sunglasses and rocked the harmonica so I may have been swayed a bit to the good  side ;)

The American Bandstand Olios - with songs like "It's My Party" were fun and nostalgic plus Grandma Tony's pizza was delish! 

Performances run through June 7. Get your tickets now Call 520-886-9428 http://thegaslighttheatre.com/ticket-prices/


  1. I go with friends and my grown grandchildren to every Gaslight show. I thought this was one of the best shows, if not THE best, ever. The olio was great, also.

  2. My husband an I also have gone to every gaslight show for the last 15 plus years and this is ranked at the top for us . It was funny and so entertaining that before we knew it the show was over. I really enjoyed the olio. The singer's chose perfect songs for their voices. I would highly recommend this show.


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