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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Butterfly Wonderland Discount Coupon

Butterfly Wonderland is located on Via de Ventura and the 101.  It really was a splendid surprise last Sunday for our family! There is a $3 off discount coupon available now through 7/13/15 HERE

The adventure begins with a short 3D film about the migration of the Monarch butterfly. Part of our family is from Michoacan, Mexico so it was really cool to see the adventure of the monarchs when they end up in the elevated region of that state! My son loved the scene when it animates the changes happening while inside the chrysalis; he loudly exclaimed. "That was so cool!"


After exiting the theatre, we moved to the emergence room, where various species of moths and butterflies are in different stages of emergence. There are plain looking green chrysalis, bright gold ones that resemble jewelry and everything in between. This was my favorite part of the experience and we came back to this area 3 times.


The additional rooms of desert animals, including scorpions and tarantulas were fun, especially the backlight the kids used to find the scorpions.  There is a bee hive from which the bees fly freely out into the world to pollinate and return.  My kids loved that they could see the bees traveling back and forth. Connected to this room there are also some aquatic animals, including stingrays that you can touch for no additional charges.  There are no additional charges after entering the building, unless of course you purchase something from the gift shop. There is also a form that the kids filled out to receive a free prize on the way out too.

The largest part of the exhibit is the aviary, where butterflies flutter freely around your head and even land and on you.  A Blue Morpho and another unidentified little guy both hitched a ride on my son for awhile.  Some of our favorites were the Banded Peacock and the Monarch. We spent time in this room, observing, relaxing and identifying the different types of butterflies!

Outside, we were lucky enough to be at the museum while they had a special guest: The Birdman. We were introduced to many of his birds, large and small!  Although, this event was only offered at certain times, there are many different happenings at Butterfly Wonderland and you can check the schedule at:http://www.butterflywonderland.com

We spent almost 3 hours at Butterfly Wonderland and it really was bigger than I had imagined: a sweet surprise! We were staying at the Scottsdale Resort about 5 minutes away and they sponsored this visit.

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  1. I'm glad I found your cmnt of EXPERIENCE. I'm still trying to find some COUPONS/DISCOUNTS for Us Locals, that haven't expired! I'm a DISABLED Grandma(Low Income).Your story told abt, if more FEES if once inside. Helped me understand how much walking I'll endure. I'm wanting to TREAT my daughter, grand daughter(3&1/2yrs) when they visit 09/21/15 .Its basically my Last Outing physically. For ill be starting Kidney treatments. This besides my disability of 20yrs. They know not about my illness. I want to have a very special day. Within my budget? Still no coupons found to make it happen? &Before SNOWBIRDS crowds! Again well informed article thanks


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