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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Price Match List 8/12-8/18

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I like price-matching on Wednesday because there are deals for Sprouts, Food City and El Super for produce not available any other day! Walmart and Target will also price match Bashas, Fry's, Safeway and Albertson's while there.
Many of the deals are still good for the week check the dates.Walmart's policy says you do not have to have the ad with you but I printed my list to help me! Policy HERE to print or show at the store if you have any problems.
Also, they will not price match items that are sold by the pound in their store but sold per item at another store and vice versa.

El Super HERE~ just scroll down and look for "miercoles

Go to the on-line ad for Food City HERE 

The items that say Wednesday only are only on Wednesday for that price- a bit misleading because to the right where the price is it says valid until the end of the ad date but that is NOT correct- They are Wednesday only.



Bashas'on-line ad here 


Albertson's on-line ad here 




  1. The first list which is El Super. You say to scroll down and look for miercoles. That is not on the list you provided at all. Walmart has let me price match bananas before, are you sure they don't price match by the pound?

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  3. I just called Walmart, they do price match items by the pound.

    1. You are correct they price match items by the pound if they sell them by the pound too. Let me give you example that happened to me. Food city had broccoli on sale by the pound however this Walmart I was at only had broccoli in a bag. Each bag was the same price. So they would not price match the broccoli because it was not being sold by the pound. This is what she means by "Also, they will not price match items that are sold by the pound in their store but sold per item at another store and vice versa."


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