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Monday, September 7, 2015

Egg In a Hole Recipe

This fun Egg in Hole Recipe is easy and fun. Some people call it Egg in a Nest. My family didn't make these but a friend of the family made them for my kids and they LOVED them. I have now started making them. Did you grow up with these? You can also add cheese, meats, or veggies to the egg in middle if you would like.

Ingredients/items needed:
Spatula for flipping
Glass/cookiecutter to make hole in bread
Eggs (I like smaller ones for this recipe)
Salt/pepper optional
Veggies, cheese, meats optional

First, warm the pan on medium with butter and be generous with the butter. :)

Next, cut the holes out of the slices of bread with the top of a glass or cookie cutter.
Then, place bread in pan to soak up butter and begin to brown.
After soaking up butter on both sides, add more butter as needed or desired in the center of the hole and crack eggs carefully in the center holes.. Add salt/pepper cheese, veggies or any meat with egg at this time.

Lastly, after eggs have formed on the underside, flip carefully to cook the other side.



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