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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Flash Giveaway to Live Theatre Workshop's The Spooktacular Mystery in Dr. Frankenstein's Laboratory

We saw the Live Theatre Workshop's current family show, The Spooktacular Mystery in Dr. Frankenstein's Laboratory last weekend. We all laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed some more. 

The 4 person cast of fun and silly actors made everything for the kids a bit spooky and a lot of fun. Igor, Dr. Frankenstein's under appreciated assistant laments in his song that it is "hard to be a sidekick"....I was dying laughing.

Dr. Frankenstein is a bit afraid of the dark and my daughter's favorite part was when he blamed a dad in the audience for screaming instead of admitting it was him that was yelping in the dark.

The wolf girl from the "Valley" howls her way through all of her teenage lines, like in a really super fun way. 

The detective/witch is on the case but she is so good at all of her facial expression- she will have you giggling just watching her even in the background!

The Invisible Man was a little hard to see but it seemed like he was a very serious actor.

Don't forget, the costume fun doesn't end after Halloween night! two more performances of "The Spooktacular Mystery in Dr Frankenstein's Laboratory" are left. Enter the costume contest and win a prize! Make your reservations today 520-327-4242.

Go HERE to enter 4 tickets for either 11/1/15 or 11/8/151!

Go HERE to get tickets and learn more about Live Theatre Workshop

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