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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Henry Porter - Wacky Wizards at The Gaslight Theatre

Our family caught the current Gaslight Theatre production in Tucson and as always had such a good family time.   This production is very very popular and I must admit that we - as a family in general are not huge fans of this theme but it does not matter- your kids could have read every book 3 times or never even heard of it and they will still laugh themselves silly.

The story begins with a baby Henry Porter. He then moves in with his not so friendly family and soon he has a visit from his Aunt Prunella played by Mike Yarema- this was such a great scene as Mike donned a dress and was knocking people out with his hips. Watch him get ready HERE on Gaslight's Facebook page to bounce on to the stage and sing "I am a woman".

Henry is rushed off to Frogwaits Academy where he is learning that he is "special". Larger than life Madgridge was fun.

The evil sorcerers were some of my faves as usual. I am not sure why I always tend to go with the side that the audience is booing but the ladies particularly rocked the house with their musical numbers! I loved "Black Magic Woman" and "Shake It Off " with female lead vocals of course.

The campy and silly use of every inch of space at the theatre always makes me laugh but we also truly enjoy the thought and creativity that goes into every performance. The timing during the show we saw was impeccable down to every ad lib that was carried off perfectly. With all the silliness, it is a very polished production. My kids wanted to see it a second time!

The Olio is Muppet themed with all the great characters like Animal, Piggy and Kermit!

Get your tickets now before Henry Porter is gone. The Gaslight Theatre has ADDED 2 MORE SHOWS!! November 4th at 4:00PM. November 7th at 11:00AM. Call 520-886-9428 for reservations.

All photos are from the Gaslight Facebook page or website.

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