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Friday, March 11, 2016

Zootopia Review ~ A Unique Universal Movie for All

Photo Credit: Disney Animation

Zootopia is Disney's newest animated film and I highly recommend it. I have seen it twice and would love to see it again! Everyone should see this now- take everyone from you Kinder kiddo to even your Nana. Here are my top reasons why it is a universal and unique movie for all:

Photo Credit: Disney Animation

 It is uplifting. Zootopia shares a universal message of strength and motivation that anyone can be anything. Following your dreams is something that is attainable if you don't give up. The main embodiment of this is in Judy Hopps - the fearless bunny heroine.

Photo Credit: Disney Animation

Friendship is important. Partnerships and working together to achieve goals is important too. The unlikely friendship between Judy Hopps (a bunny) and Nick Wilde (a fox) has its ups and downs but grows stronger as they believe in each other.

Photo Credit: Disney Animation

Change is always possible. We can always learn about something or someone in a new light and it might help us change our views. The stereotypical views of predators, especially foxes, changes for prey especially Officer Hopps and her family. An easy transferable theme from the anthropomorphic animals to prejudice in the human world.

Photo Credit: Disney Animation

Great plot twists and character development. You will not expect the outcomes in this film and that is a good thing. It will keep your older children interested and it really makes you think that things are not always what they seem.

Photo Credit: Disney Animation

Pop culture references. These will keep you laughing. I laughed and laughed during a Godfather-esque segment and the fact that the population in the bunny towns are always booming is something that the younger audience may not understand but parents will.

Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/shakira/photos/a.142708799559.109364.5027904559/10154147865934560/?type=3&theater
Shakira! I am a huge Shak fan and I love that she is the superstar of Zootopia. The song and her voice really had all of us enjoying the scenes where we saw her and got to hear her. ¡Pezuñas arriba!

Have you seen Zootopia? What do you think?

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