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Friday, June 24, 2016

Five Things Our Family Loved about The Gaslight Theatre's Freedom League of America

We always have a great family time at The Gaslight Theatre in Tucson! With free popcorn and sing-a-longs you can't go wrong. The current show is The Freedom League of America and this what we loved about it:
1. The Good Guys
This is a superhero story and the league is pretty awesome. I must say the costumes are always on point and the team saves the day in style! The Streak was the kids' favorite.

2. The Bad Guys 
I never really want to boo them because I love their wicked ways. They never win, but they do a good job trying and that's what counts, right? Never give up- be yourself!  From Galaxia's (Heather Stricker) wicked laugh to Zagoor's (Todd Thompson) horns, I really enjoyed the evil  characters of this show.

3. The Dance Moves
Not sure who had the better moves - Lady Liberty (Janee Page) who can get down or the shoulder shimmy perfection from Zagoor (Todd Thompson)? Oh and the moonwalk by The Streak (Jake Coffin) was fun- make sure to check out his shoes! The olios rocked it. The 80's theme was deliciously neon and tacky. I didn't want it to end.
4. The Giggles and Boos
The kids LOVE to interact with the show and I LOVE to watch them interact. Pure, simple giggles and all the boos they loudly participate in are so fun to see. Audience participation is at it's best at The Gaslight Theatre.
5. Being Part of It
This goes beyond the audience participation for me. In the audience, you feel like you could be part of the cast, they are having just as good of a time as we are. They seem like a happy albeit dysfunctional family and we get to be part of that. They laugh with each other and keep the show going with a the huge dose of melodrama. It's mice to escape from our real life drama and the heat at The Gaslight.

If you go:

What:The Freedom League ~ Join Mega Man, Lady Liberty and The Streak as they try to protect Gigantopolis from the evil aliens of Wrebulon! 

When:The Freedom League runs June 9 through August 28th All the showtimes are on the Arizona Families daily calendar HERE

Where:The Gaslight Theatre 7010 E. Broadway Tucson, AZ

Tickets:Call the box office today before tickets are gone! #520-886-9428. For more info. on The Gaslight Theatre, visit: www.thegaslighttheatre.com

Enter to win 2 tickets HERE!

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