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Monday, September 26, 2016

Walmart Grocery Service is a Sanity Saver

 Walmart Grocery Service is a Sanity Saver

This post was sponsored but my experience
and thoughts are all true.
I am a busy mom and we, busy parents are always looking for the next great way to multi-task or save time.  I often grocery shop on my way home from a long day of teaching and end up getting take- out after all that shopping. Bags full of groceries but no energy to make dinner, the school lunches, and pack the snacks.

So, Walmart has this new grocery service that really is a sanity saver. The idea is built for parents and all the other busy people in the world. Here is my experience:

I first got on my phone while I was waiting in the pick-up line at school last week to see what snack and lunches I would need for the upcoming week. I logged right into my Walmart account and added a few items to my cart.

I then finished the order at home during the evening. I chose a pick-up time from the one hour time slots available and I was finished! Yep- grocery shopping for over 20 items was done in about 15 minutes total. I call that a mom win!
I got some expert input on the items to order. and we didn't have to wait 20 minutes for said expert to find her favorite shoes to go to the store.

The only drawback to this process was that not all the Walmarts in my city were offering the service (at least not yet). The locations were not close to home for me. It all worked out though. After my husband and I had a fun date near a store with the pick-up available  we parked in a one of the snazzy covered designated spots and within 10 minutes our truck was loaded. No extra fees, no extra time, no getting out of the car. We were also given a cute bag full of samples and coupons as a thank you for trying the new service.

Think about all the ways this service could come in handy....

  • Not feeling well but you still need groceries.
  • Babies or kids fall asleep in the car but you still need groceries.
  • You have been up for hours with the before-mentioned baby and cannot fathom getting out of your robe but you still need groceries.
  • You only have 18 minutes and 27 seconds in between soccer practice and dance class but you still need groceries.

What is a scenario where you think this could be very helpful? Use it in your life and order your groceries 
Get $10 off of $50 first order with the code REALEASY.

Stores Offering Online Grocery in the Tucson area:
Walmart Neighborhood Center
2565 E. Commerce Center Place

Walmart Super Center
7635 N. La Cholla Boulevard

Walmart Super Center
8280 N Cortaro Road 

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  1. OMG, I LOVE this service. Although, you can't price match you still can use the Savings Catcher and Walmart will give you the difference if they find a lower price. I have actually found myself spending less on groceries because we are not impulse shopping while in the store and I am only buying what I need for the week. The Walmart representative that I work with has been the same 3 weeks in a row and she getting know my family’s shopping habits and what we like. If Walmart can't find an item on your list they will substitute with a comparable item and you still pay the price of your original item even if the substitution item retails for more, you always have the option to refuse the substitution at pick-up. My biggest fear is that this amazing service won’t be utilized enough and will go away.


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