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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fry's ClickList Grocery Service ~ Pick Up On The Go! {#Clicklist}

 Fry's ClickList Grocery Service 
~ Pick Up On The Go!

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Fry's is one of our very favorite grocery stores. They offer great prices, plenty of variety, healthy choices, and digital coupons. Now, they offer the Clicklist Grocery Service as well. This is really convenient for pick up on the go. Here are the steps:

1. LOG ON to FrysFood.com/ClickList with your Fry’s digital account - Make sure to connect it to your Fry's account and app for all your digital coupons including freebies

2. CHOOSE your location- Locations in Phoenix and Tucson
If you order before 1pm you can get get your groceries THE SAME DAY
3. SHOP The more you shop on ClickList the more it recognizes your favorite items, so it’s easy to find them again for your next shopping trip on the go. This is also we're you can add in any special requests you have made (you can ask for green bananas, smaller sized apples etc.)

4. PICK UP  and PAY at the  curbside location designated for ClickList-    The first three orders are service fee-free, but after that, it’s just a flat fee of $4.95. You pay with credit or debit when you pick up – digital coupons automatically come off your order like usual, if you have paper coupons, you’ll need to give those to the attendant.

Our experience was perfect-I ordered from my phone and set my pick-up time for right after my daughter's ballet class. Going shopping at this time in the evening would normally be a time for wanting this and that from her and she would be tired and hungry but I easily picked up our groceries and didn't even have to leave the car (except to take a photo).

It is the new year and I am trying to provide my family with more healthy options and that means lots of produce. This made me a bit nervous because I normally like to pick out my produce but I explained exactly how I wanted everything - and that is how I go them!

When the grocery delivery was brought out to my car the employee went over my list and explained that there was one thing on my list that was unavailable and they couldn't replace it for a different item because they didn't have another organic chip brand. They must be very particular in replacing items like Gluten Free and Organic. They also showed me the produce and made sure that it was how I designated it to be in my notes and we were on our way- on the go to make dinner with all the extra time!

I will be using this service again. The next visit, I might even schedule the pick up during dance class and save even more time!

Two new locations offering #ClickList in Tucson below:

  •  Fry’s Marketplace – 15950 S Rancho Sahuarita, Sahuarita, AZ 85629, this ClickList site should be ready for customer pick-up by mid-January  
  • Frys Marketplace 12100 N Thornydale Rd, Marana, AZ 85658, this ClickList site should be ready for customer pick-up by the end of the month




  1. Hey my brother and I are both pretty (actually not pretty) handicapped and this is a bless to us both. We use Fry's all of the time anyway. We love it!

  2. You don't realize how much time you spend at the grocery store until you don't! This service is amazing. Fast, convenient, prompt. We are eating healthier and stay within our budget because there is no impulse buying. My highest recommendations!

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