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Friday, March 17, 2017

Beauty and the Beast Review for Families {Disney's Beauty and the Beast 2017}

Beauty and the Beast Review for Families
 {Disney's Beauty and the Beast 2017}
I was hosted at an advance screening.

The new live action 2017 rendition of Beauty and the Beast from Disney Film Studios is a breathtaking, sweeping and rich tale as old as time. The Disney details in each scene are noticeable and will help send you away to the small provincial town in France or have you feeling the enormity of the Beast's castle.

Will your family enjoy it? Is it scary? Is there controversial material?

Will your family enjoy it? Yes! 3 Reasons Why:

Reason #1 A Strong Female Lead
Your family should enjoy this re-do of the animated Disney version. The storyline remains very similar and one of my favorite reasons to go is to take in Belle, the fearless heroine. 
Belle, as a lead character, is a great example of determination to do what one believes in. She tries to encourage other girls in the town to reach their own potential. She does not give in to Gaston and his ridiculous pursuit of her that we all know turns even more sinister by the end of the story.

Reason #2 Love is a Wonderful Thing
Another great reason to see this movie with your kiddos is to talk about how love is love.The beautiful bond and love between Belle and her father is shown with tender grace. Belle also sees past appearances and behaviors to ultimately forgive the captor of both her father and herself. This is the true grit of this story. T

Reason #3 Costumes and Imagery
This film let me drift off and feel that I was really a part of all the magic that is in this story. Each detailed scene from the town, the forest and the castle (indoors and outdoors) creates a new world to escape to. The flow of all of the costumes made me want to play dress up again. The flowing layers of golden chiffon of Belle's ball gown is everything! It also really made me want to take a trip to Disneyland :)

Is it Scary?
I say it is very low on the scary scenes although there are some darker scenes at night and inside the castle. The scenes that may seem a bit intense for little ones will be when Belle's father is being surrounded by wolves and again later in the film as Belle and the Beast are being attacked by the same pack. The scenes are short and not very graphic, so I think most children will be fine with this imagery. The Beast at times can be a bit larger than life, of course, but if they have seen the animated version or know the story they know what he is like. The ending is anticipated to be intense but again is short and if your kids know the story, they should know what is going to happen. There are no jumpy scenes and I will betaking both of my kiddos (age 7 and age 10) As always, you know your children and their level of comfort.

Is it Controversial?
I do not believe there is anything to be concerned about. It is a fictional story. I am sure if people want to be offended, they will find a way but I was not at all. The silly talk I have seen on social media about the idea that Gaston's sidekick, LeFou is gay- is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. Children will see all kinds of people in the real world and there are no sex scenes or risqué material whether it be between straight characters or gay ones. I can assure you there is no outright blazon sexuality of any sort. A brief moment at the end of the film when LeFou is paired up with a same sex dancing partner will probably go unnoticed by many. This can be an opportunity to have a discussion about my #2 reason to enjoy the film with your family (if you want to) that love is love or you can just leave it alone. 

Have a beautiful escape to the flowing hillsides of France and the Beast's castle over Spring Break!

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  1. My husband took me to an advance screening for our anniversary too. I totally agree with how wonderful this movie is! And thank you for your comments on the "controversy" about LeFou. I thought his character was really well developed in this version. And I was happy about there being a "gay moment," however I don't think even more conservative viewers will really even notice it!


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