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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Arizona Diamondbacks 5 Tips for Families {Dbacks Kids Club}

Arizona Diamondbacks 5 Tips for Families 
{Dbacks Kids Club}

As Arizona Diamondbacks Bloggers, we were given tickets  in order to help share our experiences on the blog. #hosted

We recently had the opportunity to go and check out Chase Stadium and learn all about the improvements they have been making to their revised “D-Backs Kids Club Program!” The last time I personally went to Chase Field was years ago, as an adult with adult family members. My children were still tiny monkeys and I wasn’t ready to take them out to such large places. I was so excited to get away from the kids for a night – which we all know can be a rare opportunity for new moms… I just assumed it would be years until I could take the twins to something like that.  Funny, now after having 3 children- I realize that you can pretty much wear a child anywhere you want to go and that they actually love many of those things I used to shelter them from. The baby is such a fast learner! We are starting to understand that whole youngest child principal. She picks up everything the big kids do at lightning speed and I think if we had given them the same kind of chances, they would have too. That being said, we decided it should be a twins and mommy date night. After learning all about the options there I would have no problem bringing my toddler along too. We had friends there with a variety of children – around ages 2-10. One friend had 4 children with her and they all totally loved all different parts of the game.

1) Dbacks Kids Club- Learn all about the great rewards for being part of the D-Backs Kids Club (which is a free organization). They gave out free ID Lanyards at the last game- they give out gifts all the time! 
D-Backs Kids Club Link- They even give kids free tickets on Sundays! There are so many dates in the season left to attend the free  Sunday game  after signing up: 4/23, 4/30, 5/14, 6/11, 6/25, 7/2, 7/9, 7/23, 8/13, 8/27, 9/10 & 9/24.
Photo Credit: Diamondbacks Website
2) The SandLot (the Chase Field children's area) is super fun, with three main play options- my 9 year olds were a little old for most of it, but - They have a little toddler, climbing,  play area where they keep the little ones separate from the bigger monkeys who are capable of running by and knocking down unsuspecting little ones. Then for the older kids like 4-8 ish depending on height- they have a kids playground. The thing the twins could do is hit the batting cages which are staffed by D-Backs and super fun- I was thinking I should even hop in there and hit the wiffle ball.
3)Snack Options - you can bring your own food to the stadium! Are you serious, who does that these days?!? You can bring a soft cooler as long as it is smaller than 11x11x15. The food has to be in clear plastic baggies and you can bring in closed, sealed water bottles. Talk about a way to save a fortune on a family outing. There is also a special $2 Value menu on the second floor in the Sandlot, their special play area for children!(see #2) We went with the $2 menu and it was perfect!
4) There are fun decorations and baseball memorabilia throughout. We loved taking photos by this big baseball, but they had the most fun when the Bobble Head Pitcher guys came out to the SandLot and the crowd all sang “Take Me Out To The Ball Game.” Lots of fun selfie areas and places for kids and families to take memorable pics.
5) Ticket Options It appeared to us that there wasn’t a bad seat in the house. We loved the view from our perch
I always assumed the suites were all reserved for corporate gigs. Turns out that anyone can buy tickets to sit in the suites, they aren’t too expensive and it made the kids feel super spoiled, on top of the world. Plus we had so much fun with the other families in our suite. It turns out they have a ton of options for tickets. They start as low as $12 and even have options combining food as they go up. There is a $25 ticket that includes a Regular Pepsi and a Subway sandwich or hot dog. Check ticket prices and options here :-)

All in all, a night to remember, a night to share, and a night to do again!


  1. Dbacks Kids Club- Learn all about the great rewards for being part of the D-Backs Kids Club
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