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Monday, April 10, 2017

Cirque du Soliel Ovo is Coming to Tucson ~ {Interview and Giveaway}

Cirque du Soliel Ovo is Coming to Tucson  ~ It's A Family Show
{Interview and Giveaway}
I was given tickets in exchange for posting about this amazing Cirque Show in Tucson!

Cirque's traveling arena show Ovo will be buzzing into Tucson on April 19 and will stay in the Old Pueblo through April 23.

This performance from Cirque du Soleil portrays a colony of insects which is like a family traveling with over 100 cast members to different cities in the United States through September. 
Nathan Lerohl's son and Cricket
There are also some families traveling together that go beyond the metaphorical relationship.  I was able to speak with Nathan Lerohl, bass player in Cirque's Ovo, who travels with his wife and toddler on the road.  As our phone interview started, his son was vocalizing his desire to push the elevator button in their current hotel home just like EVERY child in the world desires to do. We all know the joys and challenges of those toddler years, but how does that play out when your environment is changing every week?

Q:Where are you currently?
A:We are in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Q:Do you have a show tonight?
A:Yes, at 7:30pm

Q:What was the first instrument that you played when you were a budding musician at 6 years old?
A:I started with piano, then string instruments, viola, guitar, then tuba, baritone, bass and upright bass

Q:It seems that all bass players start somewhere else and end up with the bass?
A:I love the bass and it helps me make a living. It is used in all kinds of music and really opens up your music palette when you are obliged to play in different (genres).
Nathan Lerohl's son and performer

Q:Traveling with your family, how do you think working and living on the road with such a large, diverse group will affect your child in the future? Artistically? Linguistically?
A:His mom is from Brazil, I am from the United States and he was born in Panama. He has a lot of aunts and uncles that wear funny clothes. His favorite babysitters are from China. They (performers) speak to him in their languages and teach him how to say things. I have been told he may start speaking later because  he hears multiple languages. I have seen other children that are multi-lingual on this tour. For example, I know a four year-old that speaks Russian, English, and Portuguese and knows who to speak each language with.

Q:What are some unique experiences about being a traveling  family on tour?
A:My son likes to play in suitcases.  He also likes to pack and unpack (sometimes when we don't need to be doing that.) Instead of cabinets, he likes to take things in and out of suitcases. Right now, we are able to travel in our own car and because we have been traveling in colder areas, we always look for indoor play areas and children's museums.  My wife is the hardest worker, she finds all the parks and cooks out of a crockpot in our hotel room.

His wife pointed out that getting out in the communities that they are visiting is a great way for their son to interact with other kids because although there are some other families with children in Ovo, they do not travel as continuously as the Lerohls do.
The Lehrol Family in Philadelphia
Q:For the last 1.5 years, they have been traveling with Cirque- ever since their boy was a newborn and I asked what some of the challenges have been:
A:Sometimes it is difficult to provide a routine and living out of a suitcase can limit access to some of the supplies that one might desire for a baby or toddler. However, we all agree as a family that although it is not conventional, we wouldn't have it (traveling lifestyle) any other way. 
Q:What has been the most memorable moment on tour as a family?
A:My son's first birthday party.  We were in Fort Meyers, Florida and we rented out the hall at our hotel. The entire cast and directors came to celebrate. My son was dressed in a little tuxedo and he was even sung Happy Birthday in Dutch.

Q:Is there anything you would like to add?
A:It has been a joy!

We are looking forward to bringing our family to experience what Nathan's family helps bring to life with Cirque du Soliel's Ovo coming to the Tucson Convention Center.

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  1. Oh my!!! What a great thing to come to Tucson! I would really love to see their art!


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