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Monday, January 29, 2018

5 Reasons to Gallop On Over and See The Lone Stranger at Gaslight Theatre Tucson {A Giveaway}

5 Reasons to Gallop On Over and See 
The Lone Stranger at Gaslight Theatre Tucson
 {A Giveaway}

The Gaslight Theatre presents The Lone Stranger playing now through March 25th! Check out our 5 reasons to see it and also enter to win tickets in our giveaway for your family and a friend's family!

Arizona Families was invited to see The Lone Stranger and loved it! We were also offered tickets for a giveaway for 4 lucky readers.

Reason #1
-Fierce Female Characters- 
This show is chock full of ladies ready to lend a helping hand to the good guys, to the bad guys and even just out for their own interests. They hold their own in the wild wild west.
Nellie (Erin Thompson), Diamond Lil (Heather Stricker), Ruby (Janée Page) rock the house.
Reason #2
-You can give the stink eye to "Dead-Eye" (David Orley)-
Although he is sometimes on the other side of the law, his hilarious contortionist faces will have you laughing out loud. You can always boo or cheer as you see fit. The audience participation at the Gaslight is always one of the best reasons to take your family.
David Orley as Dead-Eye Dawson

Reason #3
The friendship between The Lone Stranger (Todd Thompson) and his sidekick, Tonka(Joe Cooper) is palpable; as is all the fun that the actors have with each other and the audience. The cast never takes itself too seriously, and it makes for such a friendly atmosphere to enjoy the great entertainment.
Tonka (Joe Cooper) did something to make The Lone Stranger (Todd Thompson) chuckle. 
Durango Kid (Jake Chapman) doesn't look too scared ;)
The Lone Stranger (Todd Thompson) jumps on his stallion, Thunder to chase after Dead-Eye (David Orley) who has Craven (Jacob Brown) and Nellie (Erin Thompson) a bit surprised.
Reason #4
Our entire family had a favorite character who is played by the fabulous, Joe Cooper. His witty lines and charismatic delivery make his character funny, and lovable.
Tonka (Joe Cooper) has some serious skills with the ax.
Reason #5 
-The music!-
The Gaslight Theatre has some fabulous musicians that keep the show going live. Adam Ackerman along with the Gaslight bassist, Mitzi Cowell never miss a beat. The musical director and piano player extraordinaire, Linda Ackerman races her fingers across the keys. The Olios that follow the melodrama, show off more of the talented Gaslight crew. If you are a fan of country music, you will be delighted with these Olios!
David Ackerman

Linda Ackerman

Head out on the road again to have a great family night at The Gaslight.
We are Crazy for the chance to see such great talent like Heather Stricker as Linda Rondstandt.

GIVEAWAY HERE - Enter to win a table for four for the showtime of your choice (based on availability) and tag a friend so they can win too! We will be giving away 4 tables in total.

SHOWTIMES AND TICKETS: The Lone Stranger runs Tuesdays through Sundays at The Gaslight Theatre Tucson (Broadway and Kolb) January 5-March 25, 2018. 

Please call 520-886-9428 to reserve your table.

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