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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Best Disneyland Planning Tips - SaveTime and Money #Disney #Disneyland #Planning #Savings

We took our first trip to Disneyland as a family this past summer.  I hadn't been since 1994.  There were a lot of changes and it was still as awesome as EVER!  One thing that will never change is families trying to find the best deals.

I am sharing my 5 Top Disneyland Planning Tips to help save money before you go just to give you some ideas. I hope you find it helpful.

Tip #1:
Use gift cards to pay for as much as you can.  Get 2x or up to 4x fuel points with special offers at the grocery stores for buying Disney gift cards or even other restaurants you may visit while at Disneyland or along the way.  We will be driving from Arizona so this helps us out on the road and all year long. You can also buy smaller gift cards all year to help spread out the expenses.

For example, I bought Disney giftcards for my kids Easter baskets and they will use them for souvenirs, so they can budget and we got the fuel points!I also bought our Disneyland package and tickets with Disney gift cards, which really racked up the fuel points!

Tip #2:
Research all hotel and package offers. We ended up going through Costco Travel for the extras but it was almost the same price going directly through a good neighbor hotel and buying our tickets at a discount at getawaytoday.com. You do not have to buy the entire package at GetawayToday to buy the discounted park tickets or character dining.

For example, we are AAA members and although we didn't end up booking with them, they were great and helped me out with some great info. ,books and maps of the nearby hotels and the park! Pictured above.

Tip #3:
Buy "souvenirs' ahead of time. Check out local clearance sales and dollar spots/stores for Disney themed merchandise before your vacation. I started collecting all year and I have quite the stash.  I am making packages/bags for my kids each night at the hotel. You may also want to check the Disney Store for specials and free shipping if there is something particular you like.

For example, I find a lot of fun Disney items at the 99cOnly Stores. Pictured above are items I have picked up there.  I also found Cars and Princess themed journals that can be used as autograph books.

Tip #4:
Save on food by staying at a hotel with breakfast included, fridge and microwave.  Look for local deals and coupons for other restaurants. This is where you can buy gift cards again for restaurants you may visit and get the fuel points! You may also want to consider bringing food into the parks to save while there.

For example, we opted to stay at a close hotel to the park called Best Western Stovalls Inn which includes a hot breakfast everyday! We also bought an Entertainment Book for Anaheim - on sale now for any city here: Entertainment Books current offers HERE 

Tip #5:
Get advice!  Don't be afraid to ask friends and family their own personal advice for Disneyland trips. I asked on my personal FB page for advice and tips as well as on Arizona Families Facebook page.  There were many specific suggestions that were too many to list here.  You may also consider buying a guide book (discounted at Bookmans or other used bookstores).

For example, I will ask here: What is your best Disneyland Planning Tip?
Share with us in comments ;)

This post was not sponsored or affiliated with the Walt Disney Company.

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