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Sunday, September 13, 2015

STAR WARS Birthday Party for My Daughter

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My kids are OBSESSED with Star Wars. They school me on everything there is to know about it. I honestly am a bit clueless but have by proxy become more of a Star Wars fan than I ever thought I would be. My son and daughter role play like crazy and my daughter goes back and forth between Princess Leia and a Sith Lord. Her main reason for being Leia is because her favorite character out of all is Han Solo. Her backpack this year for first grade is Chewbaca and her Han Solo gun is another one of her most used toys.
At first, I thought she was just following in her older brother's footsteps and maybe she was - yet she now seems more the fan than even he is. When I asked her what she would like to do for her 6th birthday party, she said art and Star Wars. I found the perfect combination...theatre and Space Wars at the Gaslight Theatre!

The summer run of Space Wars at The Gaslight Theatre was such a hit! My daughter invited some of her best friends..and let her brother come along too.  The kids got the first row to see up close and personal the characters like "Yoga" and "Princess Leila". There were opportunities to interact with the characters and even give some high fives. The girl were laughing and booing emphatically at every scene. Read more about the upcoming shows at The Gaslight Theatre in Tucson HERE. Every show is so much fun for the entire family. See our Birthday party info HERE.
Since we were at The Gaslight Theatre, we were able to snack on popcorn and had their wonderful Grandma Tony's pizza. We shared pitchers of lemonade and the birthday girl got her special ice cream cone that they offer to people celebrating.

The only other treats we had were scrumptious cookies. They were made by Sweet Rush Boutique. Just like my daughter likes to use the force and show her dark side - her cookies were a mix of Princess Leia and Darth Vader.  They were so fun. Sweet Rush Boutique has done all of our birthday party treats for the past few years. All of them were delicious and adorable. See more information HERE.

For the goody bags, we had the best bows for her to give to her friends. I clipped them on the outside of the bags and when the girls arrived at the theatre they were able to put them in their hair to wear during the show! Amayabella is a crafty creationist. I told her what I envisioned and in 2 days, she had them for us! In addition, Jennifer at Amaybella made a complete outfit with a stormtrooper theme. We will be heading to Disneyland in October, so the ears with the outfit are such a great addition. To see more of Amayabella's designs and to order outfits, custom or ready-made bows go HERE.

In the goody bags, we also had some fun DIY light-up lightsabers and DIY Death Star lip balms. To see how to make the sabers go HERE and to see lip balms go HERE.

This birthday was out of this world and I know that both of my kids are already dreaming about to having another Star Wars themed party!

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