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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Star Wars Death Star Lip Balm #EOS #DIY #StarWars #DeathStar

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My children are lovers of all things Star Wars and my daughter recently had a birthday party with a theme from a galaxy far far away. See entire birthday post HERE. I am not sure that all 5-7 year -old girls are as crazy about the Death Star as my daughter is but I CAN say that most 5-7 year-old girls really seem to like EOS and similar round lip balms. We made these DIY lip balms as part of her gift bags.

The materials that we used:

  • EOS or similar round lip balm
  • Paint brushes
  • Grey multi-surface acrylic paints
  • White or silver paint pens
  • Matte finish spray

Make a clean work space and spray your lip balms completely with the matte finish as a primer before painting. 
I did this step outside due to the fumes of the spray. 
It does dry quickly and then move on to step 2.


Paint one half of each lip balm with gray paint. Let that dry completely before painting the other half. Do this carefully so that the gray color goes to the middle but allows for the lip balm to unscrew without paint covering the middle area. 
I let ours dry overnight.

STEP 3: 

Paint the other half with the gray paint and allow to dry completely. Again I let it dry overnight.


Use the white or silver paint pens to create your Death Star designs. Make the circle in the indented finger grasp area of the lip balm. Spray again completely with the matte spray and allow to dry.


Use your one of a kind Death Star themed lip balm as gifts or just for the Star Wars lover in your house.

Do you have any Star Wars themed DIY crafts or food you would like to share? put a pic or link in comments :)

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