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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Jungle Book Party at Roadhouse Cinemas

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We recently saw The Jungle Book and loved every minute of it. See our review HERE. My son decided to celebrate his 10th birthday with a Jungle Book viewing party.  We looked at different theaters around town and went with the fabulous and local Roadhouse Cinemas. They will help you plan every step of the way for community groups, corporate events or for kids like this one.

Roadhouse Cinemas offers the comfiest movie theatre experience in town. As you sit in large lounge chairs in a smaller theatre, servers come by to serve you food or even a full meal from their menu SEE HERE.

For parties, there are different options from reserving an entire theatre or just the amount of tickets you want and being able to celebrate prior to the showing. Roadhouse created a seating area for us pre-movie and arranged for food and drinks for the group. 

We chose a jungle-inspired giant sub just add olive snake eyes and a tomato tongue, and "red-flower" pizzas with red pepper fire flowers. Minimal prep and cute.
For decorations we used leaves, snakes, monkeys and inexpensive grass skirts to hang around the tables as tablecloths.

For the goodie bags we gave out jungle animal themed educational books and simple bags of snake eggs,wooden snakes, and pencils. I think my kids were definitely creeped out by Kaa but also intrigued. My son chose lots of snake favors.  The decorations outside of the bags were a few stickers and printed materials from The Jungle Book that can be found HERE.

There were also special popcorn bags that can be arranged for parties and groups, kids flavored "Jungle Juice", and of course cupcakes (another Kaa theme) that went into the theatre with us.

Roadhouse Cinemas made it a very special day for all of us.
Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/roadhousecinemas/
Contact: Ashley for events at 520-468-7980

What theme have you use recently for parties?

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