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Friday, July 8, 2016

Things To Do In Tucson Every Day

~Things To Do In Tucson Every Day~

On my blog, Arizona Families I update a calendar every day with fabulous things to do in Tucson with your family. Things to do with babies, things to do with toddlers, things to do with kids, tweens, teens and even date nights. I have been running this blog for 7 years and it is THE place to find out what to do with your family.

Whether you are from Tucson, or just visiting this will help you plan and find all the amazing events and attractions Tucson has to offer. In order to get this information, you can bookmark and go directly to the blog- www.arizonafamilies.blogspot.com  or the actual calendar listing HERE

The tabs on the right hand side will direct you to the "Tucson Kid and Family Event Calendar" and you will find the Google calendar with 20-50 events per day in the Old Pueblo!

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Go to the little down arrow on the right and a bunch of other TAB options will be listed:
Scroll to the TAB you want to see- I find this helpful when I want to quickly look up where Kids Eat Free when I am out :) For this pic I picked the Summer Guide and then click DONE.

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