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Friday, August 12, 2016

Disney's Pete's Dragon In Theaters Today {A Family Review No Spoilers}

Disney's Pete's Dragon In Theaters Today 
{A Family Review No Spoilers}

I was given the opportunity to screen this film early in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions.
 What is more important than family and friendship? Nothing. These are the things that make the human experience what it should be. The important connections and relationships that we make are irreplaceable and sometimes they are with animals. The bonds between people and their pets are often some of the strongest and most evergreen. In this case the beloved, non-human friend is a dragon! 

It took me a few minutes to get into the fact that he is a mythical creature but the kids jumped right in. Their imaginations were open and ready for a giant, green, dog-like, flying, disappearing pet. It really wasn't long before I was flying with them too. With all the amazing CGI work by the team at Disney and beautiful imagery, Elliot, the dragon captured my heart as well.

Elliot adores Pete, played by Oakes Fegley and their connection is strong. One that cannot be broken as much as outsiders try. At first, the community doesn't believe in Pete's friend and then some eventually want to separate them in order to capture Elliot. The fact that this is an older movie being re-done is fine with me. As technology for films get better, I think that there is nothing wrong with seeing an updated, different version or introducing your kids to the story. We have the original, but all enjoyed this fresh, heartwarming, timeless version that has magical aura throughout.

Our family went together to see Pete's Dragon and this is what each person thought after seeing it:
Dad: The dragon was done well and I liked the messages.
Mom: Not everything is super funny and happy- sometimes it is good to see things that help us remember how to be better people.
Son (10 years old): Everybody needs family!
Daughter (6 years old): I didn't like the guns and I want a pet dragon.

TIP: This movie will give you the feels for sure. Make sure to wear waterproof mascara or just close your eyes for the entire last 20 minutes to make sure black streaks aren't running down your face.  

Let me know what you think after you see it.

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