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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

10 Tips to Have a Great Time at SPIDER GUY ~The Gaslight Theatre Tucson {A Giveaway}

10 Tips to Have a Great Time at SPIDER GUY 
 ~The Gaslight Theatre Tucson~ 
{A Giveaway}

Will your Spidey Sense foretell everything that will happen during the Gaslight Theatre's production of Spider Guy?
See our tips for how to have a fabulous time cheering on our superhero, Spider Guy (Jake Chapman) against the evil Green Gremlin (Todd Thompson).
 The Gaslight Theatre hosted Arizona Families and the giveaway for Spider Guy in exchange for our thoughts on this post. All photos from Arizona Families. 
Tip #1: Make sure to only bring your friends with you to watch the show- no bullies or frenemies allowed like Edgar Junior(Jacob Brown) and his mistreatment of Dr. Crocodilious (Mike Yarema).
 Tip #2 Make sure to use the restroom before the show starts, during intermission, or right before the Olios. Don't hold it too long like it looks like Billy Baker (Jake Chapman) is doing.
Tip #3 If you see molecular activated giant spiders - you may or may not want to touch them, you decide :)
Again, only people you care about should sit at the table with you - See Tip #1 
Well, family members (most of them) are ok to bring too! 
Tip #4 Get ready to get down! Wave your hands in the air and wave 'em like you just don't care- be careful who you cheer for though ;) Velma Vultura (Heather Stricker), E. Edgar Eagleton (Charlie Hall), and Mathias Maxwell (Todd Thompson) are getting their groove on.
  Jazz hands are always a great addition to any routine and E. Edgar Eagleton has got them down!
Tip #5 Don't question a superhero's morality too much because you may really start to wonder why Spider Guy saved the baby but left the mom behind. Well, the kids might ask this <----speaking from experience.
I am telling you---- only trust  FRIENDS AND FAMILY - see Tip #1
 Tip #6 Order your favorite items off the menu- maybe mini chimis  and ice cream sundaes so that you feel as satisfied as Mackenzie Maxwell (Erin Thompson) does.
 Tip #7 Don't be afraid to be who you are at the Gaslight! Let your inner superhero out.

 Tip #8 Make sure to peruse "The Gaslight Gazette" and look for all the upcoming family fun! Take your Uncle Gus (David Orley) along too.
Back to Tip #1- I cannot say it enough folks. 
Tip #9 Congratulate yourself for taking your family to The Gaslight Theatre, especially during the summer in Tucson. Plus, on those 105 degree days stop by Little Anthony's for free sundaes!
What's that you say? Free sundaes after so much fun and food? Well, maybe a different 105 degree day because we all know there are many left here in the Old Pueblo.
Tip #10  Don't try this at home! Leave it to the professionals: Mary Lou (Janée Page) and Spider Guy!

 Final BONUS tip - stay for the over the top Olios "The Gong Show" theme- You will laugh so much, your cheeks will hurt. Just scroll down to the last pic :) You can thank us later!

It is always fun to stay at the see a show at the G-A-S-L-I-G-H-T!
Enter to win a table for four to see Spider Guy through this Facebook GIVEAWAY!

Get your tickets by calling 520-886-9428 or visit The Gaslight Theatre Box Office open 10am-9pm daily. Located at 7010 E. Broadway Boulevard, Tucson, AZ 85710 Ticket prices: Adults $19.95; Students, Seniors, military $17.95; Children 2012 $9.95

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