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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Bountiful Baskets in Tucson, Arizona {Produce Program 2019}

Bountiful Baskets in Tucson, Arizona 
{Produce Program 2019}

Bountiful Baskets is a co-op program that anyone can join to get a great basket of fresh produce with additional opportunities to add-on.  As a family, we are trying to make sure to incorporate more fresh fruits and veggies every day. We were offered the opportunity to try this this past week and are looking forward to going on with other weeks!

How it Works:
The time to request a basket is from noon on Mondays through Tuesdays at 10pm each week, Options are to select a traditional basket HERE at www.bountifulbaskets.org and any add-ons such as snack packs or grilling pack to be picked up on Saturday Morning. The times for pick-up may vary but in Tucson Randolph Park it is at 7am.

Basket is not included, so make sure to bring something to carry your produce home in and bring your Contribution Confirmation receipt to pick up produce.

Produce comes from Stern Produce and and contains 6-7 fruits and 6-7 different veggies. Go HERE to check out this weeks offerings and sign-up for your family :)


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