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Monday, July 4, 2016

Guide to LEGO Minifigure Trading at Legoland

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"Trading LEGO minifigures is absolutely the most fun thing at Legoland", according to my 10 year-old son. He enjoyed the rides, apple fries, Miniland, and all of the enormous structures built out of LEGO bricks but trading was his favorite thing for sure.
Guide to LEGO  Minifigure Trading at Legoland

How to trade LEGO minifigures:
1. Bring minifigures with you into the Legoland parks that you no longer want. Maybe you have doubles of a series such as the newer Disney one and would like to try and find the ones you need. Maybe you have ones that you just don't play with anymore- bring 'em to exchange.You may also buy blind bags or create your own (3 pack for $9.99 including 1 accessory each) in the park to then trade.
Your minifigs must be authentic LEGO, have a body, legs, and head but they do not have to have hair, hats or accessories. You can also trade out the different parts if you would like.
For example, my son traded a brown bat that had a different color legs- and then traded just the legs to get the brown matching legs that he wanted.
(See that "I LOVE LEGOLAND" torso - you may want to pick one of this up while in the parks)
2. I suggest carrying the mini figures with you in a case - maybe a clear pencil box, or even the cases that they sell to keep them in. My son was so excited and we did buy the carry case in the park. This way not only can you easily show and trade with the Model Citizens (Legoland employees) but other visitors you meet as well. Yep, you can trade with all the Model Citizens around the parks and with other guests. My kids made many instant friends with this activity!
photo credit www.legoland.com
3. In order to find the tradable minifigures look for the following:
A-Model Citizens with name tags or lanyards with mini figures attached. They may be in the stores, walking around, working at the rides just keep your eyes open. Also, don't be afraid to ask the employees if they possibly have a certain ones- they just may have it! 
B-Inside the shops AND restaurants. Almost all of them have a case behind or at the counter to look at for trading. We were surprised to find them at the food counters and restaurants.
C-At designated trading spots there will be even more-our absolute favorite was the Dino with two large trading boxes and super fun Model Citizen traders.
D-With other guests that have also come to the spots to trade or are waiting in line with you.

4. All you have to do is ask if you can take a look at the tradable minifgures in any of the above mentioned locations and they will trade. It is similar to trading pins at Disney and the Model Citizens are happy to oblige. You can also trade at Legoland Discovery Centers like our new location in Arizona - INFO HERE

My kids were beyond thrilled to complete the Disney collection at our visit to the park through buying and trading as well as finding a DOC from Back to the Future!

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  1. My daughter would love this. What age range do you think Legoland is geared toward?


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