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Friday, July 29, 2016

Nutrisystem Turbo 10 Week #2 {A Review}

I was given the Nutrisystem Program for 3 months in exchange for my review and posts but like always the opinions and posts are all my own.

If you read my first week review of Nutrisystem Turbo 10 you know I was successful and also a bit hungry at the beginning. See all the details HERE. This week, I continued to be successful but not hungry at all this time around.

There is a great option after week one that allows for flex meals- they are basically nutritious meals you create yourself with power fuels- proteins and smartcarbs- carbs ;) Nutrisystem provides you lots of ideas. This allowed me to eat out a few times on vacation- and yes I even had some ice cream and Ghirardelli chocolate at the factory and store in San Francisco. All of week 2 was on vacation so it was a test for sure.

I loaded up all my meals with lots of veggies and if we ate in a restaurant I would order steamed veggies to still go out and enjoy that time with the family on vacation. We were a group of 8 traveling and everybody else was content with eating giant calorie-full items but I din't miss them at all. I was really surprised but I did not want them even one bit.

I did take along many of the easy bars and shakes and at the end of the week I was a bit scared to get on the scale but I did lose 1.4 lbs - so my current loss is a total of 6.8 pounds in two weeks! I am down from 228 to 221.2  and feel great!

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